A colorway is a group of shades of a color, with specific roles. For instance, here is the .ok colorway in the missing.css source code:

.ok {
    --box-bg: var(--ok-bg);
    --accent: var(--ok-fg);
    --graphical-fg: var(--ok-graphical-fg);

The following colorways are provided by default:

Applying the colorway class to an element will not change its appearance by default. Use the .bg, .color and .border classes to use an aspect of the colorway:

<p><b class="ok color border">Do:</b> Use color to help users scan information
<p><b class="bad color">Don't:</b> Use color as the only way to communicate
    a piece of information

§ Custom colorways

If you want, you can make your own colorway simply with a class that sets the appropriate CSS variables. We recommend naming your colorways after their purpose, as opposed to their specific color.

.done {
  --box-bg: lavender;
  --accent: rebeccapurple;

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